Kate Lowenhar-Fisher  (Member, Las Vegas) was recently quoted on ESPN’s Chalk Story,Supreme Court will hear New Jersey sports betting appeal: What’s next?”  Kate is quoted, “Unless and until there’s an economic imperative for the professional sports leagues to get behind sports betting — and I mean more than just words — it won’t happen,” said Kate Lowenhar-Fisher, a gaming industry attorney with Dickinson Wright in Las Vegas. “The illegal sports betting market is huge, and I doubt that the widespread legal betting market would bring in millions of new viewers.  People who like to bet on sports already do.”

Ms. Lowenhar-Fisher is a leading Nevada gaming attorney who counsels many of the world’s premier gaming companies on regulatory issues in connection with mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, reorganizations and financings.  She has extensive experience advising clients on issues related to Internet gaming, social gaming, fantasy sports, liquor licensing, nightclubs, restaurants, sweepstakes, contests, and promotions. She regularly represents individuals and businesses before regulatory agencies, including the Nevada State Gaming Control Board, the Nevada Gaming Commission, the Clark County Liquor and Gaming Licensing Board and the Las Vegas City Council. You may reach Kate in the Las Vegas, NV office at 702-550-4459.