A proposed single sports betting amendment is expected to be the subject of a hearing by the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights in the coming months. Bill C-290, introduced by Parliament Member Joe Comartin, would amend the Criminal Code to allow the provincial governments to offer betting on single sporting events, an activity from which they are currently barred.
It has been a long road for Bill C-290, one that was started back in February 2011. The bill was recently reintroduced into the Canadian House of Commons in September 2011 and received a Second Reading and referred for review and consideration to the Committee in November.
All signs appear to indicate that Bill C-290 was granted early priority in the Order of Precedence for a good reason. The Conservative government is interested in seeing the law changed and is seeking to obtain all-party support as well as support from provincial and municipal governments. With the House swiftly moving Bill C-290 through the legislative process, there is every reason to believe that single-sport betting will be available in Canada by the end of 2012.

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